Top Ten Principles for Platforms that Promote Participatory Politics

Whether you’re a young person creating your first Facebook page to support a cause you care about, or a veteran adult designer who seeks to engage young people in a new platform aimed to achieve civic ends, these ten principles will help guide your decisions. Use them to frame questions that will inform your strategy and check whether you’re doing everything in your power to achieve maximum impact. We’ve developed these principles based on several years of national research on experiences and structures that support young people’s agency with respect to matters of public concern.

  1. Mine what young people know and love
  2. Go where young people go
  3. Ally conditionally with adults
  4. Remember that some is better than none
  5. Criss-cross the line
  6. Make it big
  7. Invite investigation and critique
  8. Watch for co-option
  9. Know what attention is worth
  10. Foster an ability to share with care